Estidamah Participated in the First AFA Mena Soil Fertility & Fertilizer Industries Seminar


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28-29 October 2019

The National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture “Estidamah” participated in the First AFA Mena Soil Fertility & Fertilizer Industries Seminar, organized by the Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA), at the Emirates Hotel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 28 to 29th October 2019.

For the first time, agricultural experts, agriculture institutions, scientific and research institutions, chemical engineers, specialized farmers, policymakers, decision-makers and fertilizer producers were brought together to identify future needs in the shade of the different challenges facing the sustainable agriculture sector.

The Seminar provided participants with an enabling opportunity to capitalize on existing experiences, make use of distinctive expertise and develop a regional strategy for fertilizer practices, management and industry. As well, delegations had face-to-face interactions with key stakeholders and foreign experts. Estidamah gave a presentation on "Customize fertilization to prevent salinity build-up in the growing media."

The highly interactive event prompted participants to reflect on their current practices and knowledge. The two-days Seminar elaborated on several key topics, including plant nutrition and nutrients management, soil fertility advanced agriculture technology, climate change impact, soil threat and fertilizer recommendations.