Estidamah Discusses the Latest Greenhouse Technologies in the Sustainable Agriculture Forum


Qassim, Saudi Arabia, 27 February 2019

The National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture “Estidamah” discussed the latest greenhouse technologies in the Sustainable Agriculture Forum organized by Qassim University, represented by the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, in collaboration with Estidamah, on 27th February 2019, at the University campus, Qassim region, Al-Mulida, Saudi Arabia.

On behalf of Estidamah, Estidamah Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs Manager Mr. Radhi Al-Foraidi made a detailed presentation on water use efficiency in modern greenhouses, the impact of different greenhouse covering materials on yield and water use efficiency, climate control, plant nutrition and irrigation, integrated pest management (IPM) and crop management.

As well, Al- Foraidi elaborated on the different levels of greenhouse technologies, namely low-tech, med-tech and high-tech and the impact on water use. He also explored some experiments done in Estidamah to test the impact of different greenhouse covering materials (glass, polycarbonate, plastic) on yield increase and water use efficiency; while laying special focus on regular cleaning of greenhouse covering.

Held under the theme “Sustainable Agriculture: Safe Product and Clean Environment”, the forum addressed several key topics, including the concept of integrated pest management (IPM), biological control, organic farming and clean agriculture, greenhouse covering materials, good agriculture practices (GAP), water use efficiency, as well as soil management, plant nutrition and irrigation.

The Forum brought together more than 13 researchers and experts in sustainable agriculture who shared their views, insights, research findings and experiences in highly engaging and interactive discussions to help provide safe agricultural products to the Saudi community while keeping the environment clean.